Parenting Our Parks Through the Shutdown

I’ve been on somewhat of a social media hiatus since the beginning of the year. Not as a resolution, just in an effort to be more present, and to free up some of the clutter in my mind. I need to think about where to take my business, this blog, and I’ve been working onContinue reading “Parenting Our Parks Through the Shutdown”

Liberal Patriotism in America the Beautiful

A change of pace from my normal trail and campground reviews–because I couldn’t write about those places, if we didn’t have them to write about. I’ve had a distant relationship with the concept of patriotism for most of my adult life. I was a junior in high school when the 9/11 attacks occurred, and IContinue reading “Liberal Patriotism in America the Beautiful”

Lunch Break Activism 

I made 11 phone calls on my lunch break today.  Looking at my call log on my phone, this took 16 minutes, from the first to last call. And since I called for two different issues, it included the time when I was reviewing and coaching myself through the second round of calls before dialingContinue reading “Lunch Break Activism “


I’m taking a second attempt at rebranding. The last time I did this, I was gearing it towards something that was taking over my life, but not something I particularly enjoyed. Writing about being a travelling executive mom meant having to deal with the fact that I was doing something that gave me a tremendousContinue reading “Rebranding…again”