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Even though the spring equinox was a few days ago, I’ve been thinking since…well, since the new year about writing a post on hiking, and outdoor experience, as a means of connecting with the Wheel of the Year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, the Wheel of the Year is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the idea of a continuous passage of time, that isn’t marked by… Read More

REI recently posted an entry by Florence Williams on their blog, titled “The Nature Fix: The Three-Day Effect,” about studies being done on the neurological benefits of unplugging completely and spending time outdoors. This is on top of multiple studies done over the last few years, and a recent Time article, also by Williams, suggesting that even 15 minutes of time spent in nature–and not just the wild, but a green area–is beneficial… Read More

I was going to write this post about religion, but every time I try to write about religion I realize there’s no way I can condense my thoughts on it into a blog post of less than 1000 words, so instead I’ll write about diet and exercise. And Neil Gaiman. I read a response Gaiman wrote to an tumblr ask from a 14 year old about struggling to finish anything because he… Read More

I’m taking a second attempt at rebranding. The last time I did this, I was gearing it towards something that was taking over my life, but not something I particularly enjoyed. Writing about being a travelling executive mom meant having to deal with the fact that I was doing something that gave me a tremendous amount of anxiety and guilt. Neither of which are easy to process publicly. Now? I bought a… Read More

This is a personal post, plain and simple. I want to post it where it has a wider audience than livejournal, but still a more personal audience than tumblr, but this is a personal post with no attempts to disguise it as otherwise. Friday July 5th at 12:59 am I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl we named Kairi Elanor.  I started writing it right after she was born,… Read More