“Get in the frame.” We hear it a lot—but how many of us mamas take it seriously?

I lost my mom in February, and nothing makes you realize the value of a photograph until those are all you have left. When I was searching for pictures to print for her memorial service, the ones that meant the most to me were not the posed, studio shots that I grew up looking at in the hallway, but the candids. The pictures of her looking at a beautiful mountaintop view. Smiling with my sister on a spontaneous vacation. Playing with my kids, without realizing I had my camera out.

Cell phone cameras have made it so easy to take pictures anytime, anywhere, but mamas–be honest. How often are you in the frame? When pictures are all your kids have left, will they have more than selfies that show the love in your eyes when you look at them? Do you have pictures of yourself as an adult with your parents? I discovered that I have almost no pictures of my mom and I together with me as an adult–and of the ones I do have, they are mostly in the living room. Not outdoors, or doing the things we most loved doing together.

In my mother’s honor, I am offering a series of “Get In the Frame” sessions during the month of May, to encourage parents–but especially mamas–to let go of any fears you have of being in front of the camera, and to document the memories you want to leave behind. Whatever your family dynamic–single moms, two moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, or dads or grandparents doing it all, you need pictures with your kids. And more importantly–they need pictures with you! So choose an option below, and book one by the end of May for special pricing! All options start at $100–the price of a mini-session for a full-session experience!

Outdoor Lifestyle

Teaching your child to ride a bike, bonding in the garden, or just playing in the backyard. These are the moments that make up your life–so get them on film! For these sessions I will come to your home, and spend up to an hour just documenting from the background. Afterwards you will have a perfectly normal day frozen in time, in professional, fully-edited pictures that include the whole family.



Outdoor Adventure 

My family hikes. A lot. And I have so many pictures of my husband and my kids on the trail. But if your family is like mine, you get a few cell phone pictures of yourself from behind–or nothing but selfies because you are the only adult out there! Let me join you on a hike, fishing trip, or day at the lake. With my experience documenting families on the trail, you will end your day with pictures showing the joy and magic that happens when you are outdoors.


Urban Adventures

Does your family connect outdoors, but in a more urban setting? Similar to the “Outdoor Adventure” session, with this option I will join you as you explore and make memories at your favorite downtown spots. Messy ice cream cones encouraged!


Print Packages

Interested in framing something from our session? Ask me about options for print! Include your parents (or parental figures) in any session and automatically get a free matte-finish 8×10!

10% of all proceeds from these sessions will go to the Hope Lodge in Nashville, TN in memory of my mother, who spent many nights there before she lost her fight with cancer. 

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