Under the Midnight Sun: Alaska In 72 Hours or Less

In trying to catch up on writing from this year, it feels appropriate to talk about a place of extreme days and nights on the day Daylight Savings Time ends for most of the US. So while most of this writing is several months old, this trip was such a highlight of my year, andContinue reading “Under the Midnight Sun: Alaska In 72 Hours or Less”

In Pursuit of Avoidance

We went to Richmond last weekend, for a trip of many purposes. Most of it was family-related, but we also wanted to celebrate Kairi’s birthday a little early at Bear Creek Lake State Park, as we have done the last two years. She was sad to miss it there this year, so we surprised herContinue reading “In Pursuit of Avoidance”

Welcoming Spring

Even though the spring equinox was a few days ago, I’ve been thinking since…well, since the new year about writing a post on hiking, and outdoor experience, as a means of connecting with the Wheel of the Year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, the Wheel of the Year is exactlyContinue reading “Welcoming Spring”

Parenting Our Parks Through the Shutdown

I’ve been on somewhat of a social media hiatus since the beginning of the year. Not as a resolution, just in an effort to be more present, and to free up some of the clutter in my mind. I need to think about where to take my business, this blog, and I’ve been working onContinue reading “Parenting Our Parks Through the Shutdown”

Hiking as Hygge — Finding Stillness in the Cold and Dark of Winter

It is 8am on Wednesday morning, three days before the winter solstice. Even at this time of year, I have missed the sunrise; after waking and sleeping and waking and sleeping several times, trying to get a few more minutes, I managed to sleep through the first light breaking over the horizon. My kids haveContinue reading “Hiking as Hygge — Finding Stillness in the Cold and Dark of Winter”

Gear Guide: Best Gifts for Outdoor Kids (and Families!)

In early 2017, we took our kids on a hike across the newly constructed T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge over the James River in Richmond. It started raining on our way back, and after more or less running to the car, Billy and I looked at each other and decided it was time to investContinue reading “Gear Guide: Best Gifts for Outdoor Kids (and Families!)”

We Are Nature’s Guests: In Memory of Susan Clements

I had planned on adding a new trail review this week, or possibly even a list of some of my favorite fall camping recipes. But the story of Susan Clements, a hiker who went missing in the Smokies last week, has me rattled in a way that missing hiker stories rarely do. The reason whyContinue reading “We Are Nature’s Guests: In Memory of Susan Clements”

The Benefits of Bailing

Raise your hand if you’ve bailed on your hiking plans due to weather. I have. A lot. I used to feel ashamed of admitting to this–like it made me less of a hiker or camper, if I only wanted to do it when the weather was nice. After Billy and I spent a cold, rainyContinue reading “The Benefits of Bailing”