“There’s a 50% chance of rain, but I am planning for this rain or shine.” That was one of the first sentences Dylan said to me when we first spoke on the phone regarding the pictures he wanted when he proposed to his girlfriend. I told him absolutely, sold on his romantic and adventurous spirit, and the location he had in mind.

I was referred to Dylan by a friend of his in the same local photographer’s facebook group I am in. He was looking for someone for a friend planning to propose, and that it would require a hike of about 15 minutes or so–in other words, the type of sessions I dream of booking. I was thrilled when Dylan contacted me saying he liked my portfolio and wanted to work together. We talked, and set up a day to meet at the trailhead so I could figure out where I would hide, and where he would make he would pop the question.

Aside from realizing just how out of shape I am when compared to a college athlete, the hike was worth every steep step to a beautiful overlook of the Hiwassee River–and isn’t heavily trafficked so we weren’t too worried about having to navigate around other hikers. Particularly with the forecast looking wetter and wetter.

And the day itself was indeed rainy–up until about the point I started driving out there. Then the rain cleared, giving way to a delightfully moody sky. I hiked up with my gear, met up with Dylan’s incredible best friends who had hiked a whole bench up to the overlook, and we all got into our positions. I learned pretty quickly that my knees are NOT cut out for hiding places where I have to squat–but then I heard voices, and Dylan and Sofie were in position, and I was able to stand up and start shooting.

Of course, Sofie said yes! Her reaction was perfect, and once Dylan pointed out to her that he had a photographer there, I was able to climb out of my hiding spot, and do an engagement session for them on the spot, and I could not have asked for better models. They were both so comfortable in front of the camera, are such attractive people, and they are so happy and in love. They hardly needed any prompting at all, and I was happy to sit back and just direct them to different spots on the overlook, all while clicking away at their natural interactions.

I’m so excited to finally share some of the images from their gallery now that they have had a chance to see all of them and tell their friends and family their good news.

Congratulations Dylan and Sofie! I wish you the best of luck in wedding planning, and a beautiful life together.

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