A Brief Update…

Well…the blog portion of this site has kind of fallen to the wayside over the last few months–but it’s with good reason!

Just to give a very brief update: I quit my job! This is a good thing, I promise. Being away from my children was becoming increasingly difficult. The reason I resigned from the well-paying corporate job I’d had before was, after all, so I could spend time with my kids…only to end up working full time and still not having much time with them. The PPD was getting better as the weather improved, but ultimately my heart knew I needed to spend more time at home.

And so–that’s exactly what I’m doing! An opportunity presented itself, and I took it. I now do elder care for one 24 hour shift a week, and am babysitting for a friend to supplement the rest of my loss in income. I am (albeit slowly) doing more advertising for my photography business, have been putting in a few volunteer hours as I can with a local political campaign, and just applied for a new part-time opportunity that will start next year.

And more than anything–I’ve been able to take advantage of being home with my kids, and getting us outside!

In September I tried another Hike It Baby 30 challenge. The goal of the challenge is 30 miles over the course of the month, or to spend 30 minutes outside 3 days a week. Our goal was the miles, since I think we are outside 1-2 hours at day at least–and I’m happy to say that myself and both kids made it to the 30 miles! I have also been able to go on more hikes with the Richmond branch of Hike It Baby, and am finally meeting some of the other families there–and it’s so wonderful getting to know other mamas who enjoy taking their kids out on the trail as much as I do. I look forward to many, many more hikes with our local branch.

So overall–it’s been busy here! I have a few trails I need to catch up on doing reviews on, and a lot of pictures to post. Check out my instagram for a lot of what we have been up to lately, and I will be back soon!

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